Commission Status


Commission Policies

  • I accept both Fanart and Original Character. Mild-gore, Kemonomimi, Gijinka, Animal, and Anthro that dominated with human feature are acceptable. Ask me beforehand if you have a unique character.

  • I won't draw hardcore Yaoi or Yuri, Mecha, Complicated Vehicle, Nudity and Furies. Shounen Ai or Shoujo Ai are acceptable just please keep it under R-18.

  • I may decline your order if I consider it as something I'm not capable to do.

  • I only accept Paypal for the payment. I really hope for no refund but if something happened along the way that made me couldn't finish your commission, I will make sure to send back your money.

  • It will take around 5-10 days for me to finish your commission from the day I notify you that I already finish the clean sketch, it depends on the complexity. I'll make sure to contact you if it takes more than 10 days.

  • I may post the full version of the finished works in my social medias unless stated otherwise by the client.

  • You can re-submit the finished commission to your social media account or anything you'd like but please give a proper credit.

  • All the commission works will be part of my portfolio as an illustrator, but I definitely won't claim your character as mine.

Commission Prices

Please take a note that the price stated below are the price for personal use commission, if you are willing to use it as a commercial piece please kindly contact me through email.

Basic Price for 1 Character

Waist-up : $120

Fullbody : $180

Extra Character : Around half price of the character, price might increase depends on the design of the character

Extra Animalistic Creature : Starts around $35

Fullbody Character with Diorama

​Price : Starts around $215

Full Illustration of Character and Environmental Background

Price : Starts around $270

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